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CJ Backus

CJ Backus - President 2013-2014

CJ Backus – President

Still True Today

“We can’t promise to locate your ancestors within 24 hours (there were times it took Aunt Sally longer than that to find old Uncle Harry) but, we’re sure you will find us interesting!”

The above quote is from the first Columbine flyer for a free genealogy workshop that was held on 19 June 1973.

As we begin our 40th year (4 April 1973 was the date Columbine began), we are STILL interesting, and then some.

Who and what will you find when you come to one of our meetings?

You’ll find people: their interests, dedication to the society and laughter will stand out. You might even find a “cousin” if you dig deep enough as you chat over our yummy refreshments served after each program.

You’ll find the what: programs to help you with practices in research, helpful internet sites and information on what you can find as you do your cyber searching; a sense of preserving history with our pedigree charts and community projects; how to document what you find, author talks, good books to have in your library, and what local resources are available to you.

You’ll find a home: by coming to meetings, being a member and even eventually becoming an officer on our board, you’ll know you have found an organization where you will be happy to volunteer your time and talents all in the name of genealogical and historical research. Being at Columbine will bring you friends, knowledge, good food and a sense of community, whether you are from Colorado or anywhere else on earth!

One of my favorite authors, Pearl S. Buck, said it best:

“If you want to understand today, You have to search yesterday.”

I am so happy that you have found Columbine, or continue to be with us as we go forth and search.

CJ Backus, President 2013-2014
Columbine Genealogical & Historical Society